3d Printing & Modeling

For a while now I've been creating programatic (aka parametric) 3d models.

Some of these are mildy successful on Thingiverse.

All of them produce a vast number of configurations, meaning they're virtually certain to be configurable into the item you desire.


Thin Wall Calibration

Thin Wall Calibration Allows for a custom model to calibrate any FDM printer nozzle size.

The Mosney Connector

The Mosney Connector Connects outer sleved components, while allowing for a passthrough of inner connections.

Asteroid/Rock Generator

Asteroid/Rock Generator Uses an interesting technique of randomly placing spheres, and then creating a hull around the spheres. Very cool.

Lock Pick Handle Lock Pick Handle Customizable handle for cost saving lock pick sets that dont include a handle for each pick, or any tool that has a flat tang and could use a handle.

Cable Strain Relief

Cable Strain Relief Truely a utilitarian print. Designed to grab the area around a fraying section of wire and transfer stress around the damaged section. Have a wire that you'd like to keep around for longer than it's planing on staying? This might just solve the problem by protecting the frayed areas.

Device Cradle

Device Cradle My iPhone seemed really hard to pick up. Its slippery and small, so I designed this as a modification on the 4 sided tray, to make my phone practically beg to be picked up. Would work for any phone because of the configurability.

Incense Burner

Incense Burner One of my first models. It's a simple rotational extrusion, like throwing a clay pot. It'll catch your ashes, and let you insert as many incense sticks as you like.

4 Sided Tray

4 Sided Tray This was the first model I made where I 100% composed the mesh programatically; It's really just 1 big polygon with manually stitched tris.

Round Tray

Round Tray Identical to the 4 sided tray, except that it uses the formula for a circle to allow for any number of sides. Want a triangle tray? 3 sides. Square? 4. Stop sign? 6. Round? As many sides as you can wait for to render.