Album of the week

Aug '20

Whitney - Strange Overtones

This EP is full of great covers. It is a jammy rock tube floating down a lazy river of nostalgia. The cover of Take Me Home, Country Roads is my first time liking this song (de gustibus...). That track even features Waxahatchee who have the honor of being my first official Album Of The Week!

Oh, and, so it turns out: Whitney released an album of covers called Candid which is a candidate for Album Of The Week this week!

This week there are two more releases I have to mention. First, Pauline by Ashley Ray is an absolute ear worm that I'm adoring. I can't wait to review this album. Second is Little Idols by Jordan Lehning: Oolaloom alone makes the album an instant keeper. After only one week, I'm already singing along to much of the album, and if you have an extra slot in your rotation this week, its a strong honorable mention.

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