Album of the week

Sept '20

Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song

A futuristic album that avoids the clichéd post-apocalyptic acoustics common to the genre. This album is exactly what I was hoping to find when taking on this quest: new label defying music that I love. I expect to hear breaks on NPR between segments sometime this fall :P

Starting strong, you may be reminded of the Stranger Things theme, I certainly was. And at other points, you'll ask if this is part of the Twin Peaks soundtrack. The sound more than the arrangement or the content is reminiscent of Sohn, with delightful breaks and dropped beats formed from ultra-bass.

Incidentally, this week I experimented with all the contender's albums on speakers and headphones. I think the headphones time likely contributed to this albums overall score, and I will continue to think about if a choice for album of the week should be influenced by medium. I know that it matters, but would it ever shift the podium? Time shall tell.

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