Album of the week

May '21

James Brandon Lewis / Red Lily Quintet - Jesup Wagon

These guys can keep me on my toes. You know, Sanders, Coltrane, Bird.

These guys are the jazz legends of the 60s.

There. You hear how its unpredictable? But it still has rules.

They're generally playing together, but once in a while a player or two will drift off into their own little groove.

There, you hear it?

> No, it sounds like a hot mess.

Oh, well, thats what I like about it. It's not obvious.

And, I mean, sometimes it can be a bit unpleasent.

But it's pure expression.

And it usually finds a balance.

> I can dig that

- Stowaway

So, my question to you is, can you dig this?

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