Hello, my name is Graham. I'm an software engineer and a maker. I thrive in a teams, as an individual, and as a leader.

Programming can be an enjoyable creative process like sculpture or painting, or it can demand technical riggor like building a skyscraper. Thriving in as a programmer stems from the ability to triumph over adverse conditions. I find satisfaction in embrace the challenges, be they one off, every day, or somewhere inbetween.

I love solving interesting problems. I have a toolbox full of traditional approaches, and I'm eager to innovate and deliver solutions.

These are some of my recent or favorite projects.

A-Star-Craft Competition   ALTTPR - CLI   Hans Lucky Dice  

Album of the week

Oct '21

Atmosphere - WORD?

Happy Birthday Justin!

Recently while hosting my brother I decided to try some Albums of the Week contenders on him, it's around his birthday and he complemented the Atmosphere, so that pretty much cemented it's position as this weeks Album of the Week.

For my own part, it's an extremely strong album: each track a banger, with thought provoking lyrics and a head bobbing rhythm.

"Never forget this is America, banks rob you" Atmosphere - Pressed