Album of the week

July '20

Inter Arma - Garbers Days Revisited

This album was fought hard to the front of my selection. Some other Album Of The Week contenders were EPs*, an album from an artist that I adore**, and (this week's choice) an album of covers.

My love of covers choose this album. Covers seldom make the charts, have licensing issues, and remain common fixtures on albums. Part loving homage, part musical prowess, and part adaptation: these common but seldom heard tracks come from a raw artistic affection.

I have no idea which tracks you might like on this album, but I can rest assured, there is at least one.

*: I had to debate if EPs could be albums of the week I've decided that they can, but that neither of this weeks contenders were successful in the rest of the decision making process.

**: The Streets - None of Us Are Getting Out of This Alive I may have just not had enough time with this album. Rest assured, I'll be coming back to it.

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