Album of the week

Aug '20

Alex the Astronaut - The Theory of Absolutely Nothing

A fun album, perfect for the end of summer.

Several songs stand out, Happy Song and I Think You're Great are fun guitar rock that makes you want to reach for a sangria. My absolute highlight though, is an exchange with the engineer or producer (?) at the end of I Think You're Great.

I like to Dance on the other hand (maybe) gives away the game. Not to put words in Alex's mouth, but i will say the pop feel of this album is related to Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys' often cited for being to sweet, but when you listen to the lyrics they reach into you and uncover a great dark abyss of feelings, and all of a sudden you're crying but you would never tell someone it was because of Pet Sounds.

Don't forget to checkout the music video for I Think You're Great.

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