Album of the week

Sept '20

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman²

I had a mind blowing moment with a song this week, so while this is not (and never will be) 'The Song of the Week' I wanted to start this week by saying: Without Even Trying by McCall uses sound effects so rhythmically and melodically that it blew my mind.

That being said:

This week's choice is unique to my knowledge. Yusuf (Cat Stevens) went back to re-imagine one of his most influential albums, and --because I'm a noob-- I'd never heard the original.

So how does it compare?

> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Is it good?

> Its great.

I find myself setup by most of the album, and drawn, like a moth to the fire, to the last few tracks (aren't albums wonderful like that?). Father and Son and Tea For The Tillerman knock me down. Strike! 🎳💥

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