Album of the week

July '21

John Vanderslice - Ethical Jute Mouse: Lost Songs From Tiny Telephone 2001-2021

An incredibly diverse album. It gave me the feeling of being the collected scraps from the editing room floor over 20 years of a producers life. And, when I did the research, that's exactly what it is: Tiny Telephone was a small recording studio set up by Vanderslice, and this is a collection of lost cuts, including some interesting covers.

John, I can’t believe civilization is still going here in 2021! Congratulations to all of us, Love, DCB is a fabulously titled EP released at roughly the same time by Vanderslice which I mention now simply to spread the name. Good job us!

I've recently crossed into the second year of Albums of the Weeks and, well, if you're reading this, please let me know: I have had the greatest time doing this over the past year, and documenting it has been a blast, but I'd love to know if there's an audience out there or if I should invest my time in something less egotistical. Thanks.

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